Looking for a few nifty apps to expand the utility of your tough rugged Android phones? Check the Google Play Store for these cool apps to be better equipped for your adventures:

1. First Aid – an excellent app for quickly finding first-aid treatment in an emergency situation.

2. St John Ambulance First Aid – this is an excellent companion to the first aid app mentioned above, as it provides a lot more information about a specific injury.

3. Medical & Drug Dictionary – need to look up a medical term that you’re unfamiliar with?

Install this nifty app on your rugged Android phones and you’ll get the info you need in a heartbeat.

4. Bones Human 3D – this app will help you properly name the bones which you suspect have been injured – making it much easier to apply the right kind of first aid measures to match the injury.

5. Runkeeper – a great tool for fitness buffs to keep count of their pace, speed, distance as well as creating a route to follow.

6. Map My Walk – provides a whole range of metrics, from measuring your pace and distance to GPS route mapping and elevation profiling.

7. My Tracks – records your route and emphasizes the ability to share with friends via social media (Twitter, Facebook etc.) as well as automatically exporting the data to various Google services (Drive, Maps etc.)

8. Alarm Clock Plus – because even rugged Android phones need to wake up sleepyheads that have a very hard time waking up.

9. Tiny Flashlight Widget – Tiny Flashlight is a pretty cool app for turning your damage and waterproof phone into a flashlight, and this widget makes it even easier to turn it on straight from your home screen.

10. Radar – need to regain your bearings? This app will let you do just that by pointing you to a specified longitude/latitude of your choosing using your rugged shockproof phone.

11. Anti Mosquito Bug Repellent – this app causes rugged Android phones to emit ultrasonic waves that ought to deter biting female mosquitoes. The app developers recommend pairing it with good old-fashioned mosquito repellent lotion, though.

12. Blood Pressure Calculator Pro – simply select your gender, place your fingertip your tough phone’s digital camera and wait for the app to work its magic. You’ll get your systolic/ diastolic blood pressures in no time at all!

13. GoPro App – are you bringing along a GoPro sports camera to go with your damage-resistant phone? This app will stream the video straight to your phone for you to view or manipulate at your leisure. Grab a drone under $100 and place your GoPro on it and you’ll be amazed at the footage you can get!

14. Night Vision Camera – this nifty app will let your rugged Android phones enhance the video it captures from low-light situations – letting you see clearly without having to throw light all over the place.

15. The Weather Channel – if you manage to find Internet access wherever you plan to go, then this nifty app will help you better take into account the weather’s effect on your activities.

16. Weatherbug – this app also provides weather updates, but it also comes with lightning proximity alerts to help you better prepare against impending lightning storms.

17. Thermometer – a simple little app that uses the location of your rugged water-resistant phone to calculate the local temperature.

18. Windguru – this one will tell you the strength and direction of local wind gusts are, as well as cloud cover, precipitation and metrics concerning water waves in local bodies of water.

19. Pressurenet – this app allows you to share and receive data regarding atmospheric pressure – a great gauge for predicting sunny or rainy weather in the immediate future.

20. Barometer & Altimeter – a simplified app that provides a wealth of weather and atmospheric information using simple gauges and graphs.

Bonus: Android Auto head unit – Listen to music without ever needing to take your hands from the steering wheel!

Install these apps on your rugged Android phones and you will arm yourself with information that will make your life a whole lot easier when traveling the great outdoors!