When it comes time to buy your first domain, most people don’t realize but you can usually save yourself a few dollars by searching around the net looking for deals and coupon codes.

See, domain registrars want your business. And in order to get new clients, they’ll often discount your initial purchases by offering promo codes.

One such company is NameCheap. They are a huge domain registrar now with millions of domains. And they are “known” for having coupons and other specials often. So they do well and get quite a few new clients that way.

So how can they turn a profit if they keep selling domains so cheaply?

Most domain registrars look at the long term view of a client.

They figure they can sell the first domain at a break even point, or even at a slight loss just to get the customer. Then where they make up their slight loss is when either the new client ops to buy more services like hosting or other services, or on domain renewals or again, other domain services like Privacy which some registrars offer for free while others charge up to $10 per year for.

But even renewing your domain, it’s still possible to find deals. Again, if you look around a little, you can even find NameCheap promo code renewal (look here URL:
) or other coupon codes for renewals as well.

It shouldn’t take long to find them. And yes, they really do work and will really save you a few dollars.

And maybe if you’re only buying one domain, it doesn’t matter to you so much. But start grabbing ten or a hundred, and a few bucks adds up quickly.

So don’t think you’;re being cheap by using a coupon or promo code to grab your domain. Rather, you’re being thrifty. And then you can use the money you saved to buy even more domains if you end up catching the domain bug like me. I currently have close to 1000 domains!

And yes, I keep buying more. BUT I am using every promo and coupon code I can find!