Nowadays we often tend to take speed for granted. With high powered PCs able to process data faster than we can imagine, it seems as if almost everything that we need done is able to get done almost instantaneously.

Of course, that is part of the reason why it seems extra painful when you try to convert a video only to have the progress bar slowly grind along at a snail’s pace.

On the surface this may not seem like a big deal seeing as you could always just start the conversion process and then come back later when it’s done or leave it running in the background.

However if you’re dealing with video conversions on a regular basis what you’ll begin to realize is that as you have to deal with larger and longer videos as well as more of them – all that wasted time adds up.

Even if it just took 1 second longer per 1 MB of video, that would mean that when converting a 4 GB HD movie you’d end up taking 4000 seconds longer, which is over an hour of wasted time.

Now imagine having that same situation take place with multiple videos and you’ll begin to see how it really starts to stack up and turn into a relatively large time sink.

The good news is that software has improved over the years too – with the Movavi Video Converter for Mac really stands out in that regard.

It includes a ‘Super Speed’ setting that promises speeds of up to 81 times faster than conventional converters – and even half that would be really very impressive.

Some of its past customers even claim that it is able to convert a 1 GB file in under 5 minutes – which is really fairly impressive in itself let alone when coupled with the movie maker for mac.

Being able to convert back and forth between formats will also give you a huge degree of flexibility.

In other words, converting a video into multiple different formats for the array of devices that you might need to use it on becomes really very painless.

So for example you could convert your original 4GB HD movie into a small and compact video for your tablet, a slightly larger one for your notebook, and even an ultra-tiny video for your smartphone.

It would be entirely up to you – but because of the ultra-fast conversion speed, time wouldn’t be a factor.

At the end of the day, it is easy to see why speed is a big factor when converting videos.

Even for regular users, being able to convert video files without having to jump through loops or wait for absolutely ages would definitely help out in the long term.

Check it out here and let me know what you think!